Mash up Filmmaking Competition

The East Anglian Film Archive founded the now annual Mash up Filmmaking competition in 2014.  Further information on how to enter the competition in the current year can be found on our News and Events page.

This creative re-use competition is open to all ages and abilities (with a special category for under 18s) and has garnered international interest in recent years.  Entrants are provided with a specially curated package of archive film selected from EAFA’s vast collections, documenting life across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

The competition package is made up of excerpts from home movies, amateur films, local life, advertisements, industry films, and more. Filmmakers are tasked with creating a new work of between 1 and 5 minutes in duration, with the option of combining self-shot audio visual material as well; the only stipulation is that at least 50% of the running time of the submission is made up of archive film provided in the competition package.

As well as providing a new cache of films to experiment with annually, each year also brings a fresh theme. Previous themes have included: Home, Discovery, and Climate Emergency.

Submissions aren’t judged on production values alone, with creativity, imagination, and overall how filmmakers choose to interact with the archive film being the most influential factors.

A selection of previous winning Mash up films are available to watch below.

‘Climate Emergency’ by Alycia Potter

2022 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘Climate Emergency’ by Archie Mason

2022 Winner – ‘Under 18’s’


‘Pandora’s Box’ by Steve Oldfield

2021 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘Home’ by Phoebe Cullum

2020 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘Connections’ by Charlotte Thistlewood

2020 Winner – ‘Under 18’s’


‘The Deluge’ by Dan Draper

2020 Runner-up – ’18 and Overs’


‘Birds’ by Benjamin Taylor

2019 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘The Discovery’ by Jacob Warr

2019 Winner – ‘Under 18’s’ 


‘Transformation’ by Joseph Goode

2018 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘Versatile’ By Lauren Fry

2018 Winner – ‘Under 18’


‘Destination: Earth’ by Kay Woods

2018 Runner-up – ‘18 and Overs’


‘Devil Shriekers’ by Matthew Shenton

2018 Runner-up – ’18 and Overs’


‘Labor Omnia Vincit (L.O.V)’ by Ella Finch

2017 Winner – ‘18 and Overs’


‘Today’s The Day’ by Tierney Knights

2017 Winner – ‘Under 18’s’


‘My Family History by Jack’ by Jack Sauverin

2017 Runner-up – ’18 and Overs’


‘An Incomplete Catalogue’ by Lucy Cash

2015/2016 Winner – ’18 and Overs’


‘Green Screen Time Masheen’ by Signals Media

2015/2016 Winner – ‘Under 18’s’


‘Mother’s Bake Night’ by Yvonne Odell

2014 Winner – ’18 and Overs’