Norfolk: U.S. Airmen Return

1963, Norwich (Norfolk)

The dedication of the Memorial Room to the 2nd Air Division of the USAAF in the Central Lending Library, Norwich.

This newsreel item opens with a Britannia landing at USAAF Sculthorpe. Men from the 2nd Air Division, commanded by Colonel Hain, descend the steps of the aeroplane. The party includes relatives of those who died during World War II. They are greeted by the welcoming party.In Norwich, introduced by a view of the Castle, there is a procession from the City Hall to the new Library building. This procession includes General Kettner, who commanded the Division during World War II and the Bishop and Lord Mayor of Norwich. The Roll of Honour for the war dead is carried by Colonel Hurt, accompanied by Chief Warrant Officer L. Lovelace.At the library there is film of the memorial fountain in the courtyard. This contains 50 sculptured stones, one from each US state. There are interior views of the memorial room, where the Bishop of Norwich blesses the roll of honour and dedicates the memorial room. There are high angle shots showing the interior of the library and the film ends with relatives viewing the roll of honour.

Featured Buildings

The City Hall, Norwich; The central lending library, Bethel Street, Norwich


Library; Memorial; Procession

Other Places

Norwich; USAAF Sculthorpe

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