[BBC Look East. Coastal Plans]

18th January 1994 , Trimingham (Norfolk)

Scenes of coastal erosion in North Norfolk where the District Council has published maps of areas likely to be lost to the sea.

A BBC East news story for ‘Look East’ presented by Nicky Brown. Scenes filmed from a helicopter show aerial views of crumbling cliffs and the sea at a sandy beach edged with dunes and houses. The reporter states that the natural pattern of coastal erosion has now accelerated, and the Ministry of Agriculture has decided that some areas are not worth saving. Scenes of fallen cliffs and buildings. At the offices of North Norfolk District Council, maps illustrating the North Norfolk Local Plan are displayed. A map of Trimingham is marked to show the area likely to be lost to the sea including caravan parks, gardens and houses. A council officer states that publication of the plan has not accelerated the crisis, but the aim is to make the information public. In another area affected by erosion, a map of Covehithe, Suffolk is marked to show that 650 metres of land will be lost to the sea in the next 75 years. More scenes of the cost shot from the helicopter. Some shots in this piece are re-used from a story ‘Overstrand Landslip’ from 1994-01-06 about cliff erosion at Overstrand, Norfolk.


coastal erosion; coastal defences; local plans; district councils; landslips; cliffs; homes;


[BBC Look East. Coastal Plans]

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