Film Show At Skeyton

1993, Skeyton (Norfolk)

A Film show by the East Anglian Film Archive

The opening shot is of the certificate from the Norfolk Association of Village Halls. It reads: Norfolk Association Of Village Halls. This is to certify that Skeyton Village Hall is a member of the Norfolk Association of Village Halls for the year 1993. It is signed by D. Wheeler. There are interior scenes of the village hall. This is set up for a film show. The audience are seated and there is a free standing screen erected. David Cleveland, the Director of the East Anglian Film Archive addresses the audience. There are shots of the screen showing farming films. At the end of the film show David Cleveland talks to some of the villagers whilst packing away the projector. Groups sit around tables talking and then eating. There are shots of food being prepared in the kitchen. David Cleveland is filmed eating his meal and then draws the raffle. People collect the prizes.

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Skeyton Village Hall

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A Film Show by the East Anglian Film Archive


Film shows; Village halls

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Jenny Hammerton was a student of the MA Film Studies Course at the UEA

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