The Diocese Of Norwich

1952 - 1958, Norwich (Norfolk)

Local filmmakers capture scenes, both urban and rural, around the Diocese of Norwich, an area covering all of Norfolk except for the extreme west of the county.

Opening with views of beaches, drifters and activities at Yarmouth Quay around 1945, the film shows the woods and lavender crop at Heacham, Blickling Hall and its gardens, King's Lynn, the Bishop at the annual Broads ceremony at St Benet's Abbey, Norwich Cathedral, Snettisham Church, Dereham Church and various other Norfolk churches. There are scenes at Swaffham, at Wolferton, at Castle Rising where the Bede women feature, and scenes of harvesting. Various Norfolk shows feature, one attended by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. New churches and prefabs in Norwich, some are on new estates. At Norwich Cathedral the choir are in the cloister. An African dignitary attends a service. A parade of people and clergy carry Church Union banners towards the West Door. A procession emerges including boys from Norwich schools. More sequences from other processions and gatherings.

Featured Buildings

Blickling Hall; St. Benet's Abbey; Norwich Cathedral; Snettisham Church; Dereham Church; Greyhound Hotel; Wolferton Station; Wolferton Church; St. Paul's, Hellesdon; Keswick College

Featured Events

Annual Broads Ceremony


Agricultural shows; Ceremonies; Churches; Clergy; Harvesting; Housing; Housing estates; Religious services

Other Places

Great Yarmouth, Heacham, Blickling, King's Lynn, Snettisham, Dereham, Swaffham, Wolferton, Castle Rising

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