Pye TV Factory

1966 - 1967, Lowestoft (Suffolk)

A documentary about the Pye factory in Lowestoft, the film is part of a BBC series on British manufactured goods and exports transmitted beween 1966 and1967.

The Pye factory in Lowestoft where televison sets are being made: women work on a semi-automated production line while the commentary describes planning and assembly line techniques. The finished television sets are tested with a 'test card' on screen. The works manager and the export manager discuss the product and the sale of televisions. The manufacture of Pye transistor radios in Hong Kong is talked about. The transmission room where electronic test signals originate is shown, and the manufacture of colour televisions is discussed.

Featured Buildings

Pye Factory, Lowestoft


Export; Factory; Factory workers; Technology; Television manufacture; Trade; Women in work

Background Information

The Lowestoft Pye Factory began making televisions in 1951. Following the Philips take-over in 1976, the factory was closed in 1980. Sanyo re-opened the works in 1980 but stopped producing television sets by 2006. The factory closed in 2009.

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