To Make The Best

1961, King's Lynn (Norfolk)

A Campbell's promotional film, shown to visitors at the King's Lynn soup factory for over a decade.

Although the film features Campbell's soup factory in the US, its food lab, seed library and experimental plots, the content is largely about the factory at King's Lynn. Fenland crops of celery, lifted by women labourers, are destined for the factory kitchens where other ingredients such as peas, potatoes and parsley are prepared by hand. Soup is made and quality control checks are thorough. The boxed cans are loaded onto railway trucks and hauled away by a shunting engine. Views of London and supermarkets follow. Campbell's own home economists try recipe experiments. The film closes with the exterior of the King's Lynn facility.

Featured Buildings

Campbell's Soup Factory


Agriculture; Factories; Factory workers; Food manufacture; Food technology; Women workers

Other Places

London; United States of America

Background Information

The Hardwick Road factory in King's Lynn made soup and other food products from 1959. The site closed in 2007.

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