Don Chipperfield's Ipswich Films 1

1933 - 1965, Ipswich (Suffolk)

Don Chipperfield's Ipswich Films 1

A local record, filmed over three decades, of events and sites around Ipswich.

Single deck trolley buses around Ipswich in 1933, including scenes in the Cornhill, Carr Street and the Lyceum theatre, Tavern Street, and outside the railway station. There are various shop signs and advertisements. The making of trolley buses is taken from 'The construction of a modern electric trolley bus',1935. Double deck trolley buses in the Cornhill and on the streets in 1934. At Orwell Works Rowing Club, there are scenes of the boathouse, the launch of the boat, and a coxed four rowing by Cliff quay. There is an OWRC credit at the end. Original gauge 9.5mm. colour film from the late 1940s includes the docks, a freight train, a sailing barge, the harbour master's launch and the inside of Ransomes Orwell works where ploughs are being made. The Nacton site, from 1947 onwards, features the building of a new Ransomes factory. There are views of ploughs on the assembly line. Colour footage of an air corps parade and presentation from around 1950. Festival of Britain celebrations in Christchurch Park are included in part of a 1951 pageant film. Various historic events are re-enacted. "Dial 369001" deals with a fire excercise for the Orwell works fire crew. Colour shots of Ipswich street decorations for the 1953 Coronation. A train comes out of the tunnel at Ipswich station, a diesel train arrives and passengers wait on platform 3. Colour footage of Ipswich in 1957 featuring the Town Hall, docks, Lower Brook Street, a church and a stately home. Colour footage of Ipswich cattlemarket in 1958. Colour footage of the Greyfriars development and the Zulu public house, plus Ipswich street scenes and inner city ring road construction from the 1960s. The film ends with views of the docks.

Featured Buildings

Lyceum Theatre; Ransomes Orwell Works; Ipswich Town Hall; Zulu Public House

Featured Events

Festival of Britain Celebrations; Pageant


Architecture; Building construction; Celebrations; Emergency services; Factories; Festival of Britain; Miltary; Parades; Rowing; Railways; Sport; Transport; Rowing; Railways

Background Information

These sequences filmed by Don Chipperfield were assembled by EAFA for a film show at the Corn Exchange in 1992, a year after his death.

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