War of the Worlds

1952, Clacton-on-Sea (Essex)

Amateur adaptation of H.G.Wells' novel 'War of The Worlds'.

During the day-to-day life of Clacton-on-Sea with its sea front, pier and its busy town centre, traffic fills the streets. Motor cars, bicycles and busses predominate but there is one horse and cart in the town centre. At a dance at the social club the young people; jackets and (sometimes) ties for the men, dresses for the women, dance together. Little does Clacton-on-Sea know that Martians are landing, live-action in the streets of is intercut with animated sequences of the fighting machines. The Martian is dressed like a medieval Knight, with a square shaped head and poor skin. The sound of heat rays signal Clacton's burning. The police and later the fire brigade leap into action. Unaware of the invasion the council chamber sits as normal, likewise folk drink in the pub, sit in the barber's shop and the library all without a clue of Clacton's fate. The Martian emerges from the capsule and then rampages through Clacton. The people frantically clamber onto buses and dead bodies lie in piles. The Martians take prisoners as women run to escape from the Martians. One woman takes refuge in the Clacton Century cinema, she climbs up the building in an attempt to escape.

Featured Buildings

The Century Cinema, Clacton-on-Sea; Clacton Pier

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