Bearings Round the World

1976, Chelmsford (Essex)

Promotional film for the RHP Group, manufacturers of ball bearings.

Ball bearings have a multitude of uses, from their earliest creation to today. At an airport, some of the more recent uses of ball bearings include the escalator, a conveyor belt and a hydraulic lift. In the RHP factory in Chelmsford, the largest cylindrical bearing factory, 6202 bearings are manufactured, specialist ball and roller bearings manufactured for the machine tool industry, and small and miniature bearings made for instruments. Examples of bearings in use include the Siding Springs Observatory in Australia and a timber mill in Bellingham, Washington State. Self lubricating bearings feature, as well as the manufacture of integral row double shaft bearings for use in the automotive industry. The manufacturing process which turns bearing steel into ball bearings is explained by the presenter. At the RHP factory, there are scenes of the assembly hall and of the sales office. The Middle East is a consumer of ball bearings which illustrates the world wide sale of bearings. Finally, examples of ball bearings at use in transport, and in the exploitation of natural materials: the Advanced Passenger Train and Concorde, agricultural and earth moving machinery, and mechanical tree felling.

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RHP Factory


Ball Bearings; Manufacturing; Technical Instruments; Transport

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Tehran, Iran

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