British Paramount News Issue 1618

1946, East Anglia (East Anglia)

A Paramount News newsreel issue from 1946 including stories from East Anglia.

'Former British Carrier Joins French Navy'. This report shows scenes of the battleship 'Colossus' and others at sea. This is being loaned to the French Navy for five years. The Captain and the French Armaments Minister are filmed on board. Other ships fire a salute. 'Millionth Car! Motor Company Sets A Record.' The Ford Motor Company at Dagenham, Essex has produced its millionth car. There are shots of the factory. The Company Chairman, Lord Perry greets the Minister of Supply. The film shows the car on the assembly line and then a line of black Ford cars outside the factory. The commentary emphasises the importance of the export market to Britain's post-war recovery. 'Storms Take Harvest Toll.' The attempts to save the harvest from the British weather at Mildenhall, Suffolk, following a hailstorm. There are shots of the crops before the damage. Those who helped in the harvest included prisoners of war, land girls and other volunteers. Some was collected by machinery, some by hand. There are scenes of the land girls stooking the corn, as well as scenes of stacking and threshing. 'Joad And Formby Pick Best Belle.' This shows entertainer George Formby judging a beauty contest in Morecambe. India Tension Increases As Fasting Ends. A report on increasing political and religious tension in India at the end of Ramadan. 'Trick Car Has Cops Guessing. This is an 'and finally' item about two former GI's who welded the front sections of two cars together to make a car that goes in both directions.

Other Places

Dagenham; Mildenhall; Morecambe

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