Cambridgeshires at Camp

1921, Cambridgeshire (County)

A recruitment film for the Cambridge Territorials.

This film was made as a recruitment film for the Cambridgeshire Territorials and shows the Regiment doing everything but fighting. Some soldiers act up for the camera. It opens with a shot of the crossed colours with the Commanding officer of the Cambridgeshire Territorials, Lieutenant Colonel M.C. Clayton. There is a long shot of bell tents and a bugler sounds the Reveille. There is a close up shot of the bugler. The men emerge from their tents. There is some horse play before parade. The parade is inspected by the Commanding Officer of the Cambridgeshires, Lt. Col. M.C. Clayton. He is joined by Major General S.W. Hare. There are some shots of soldiers with horses. The Regiment presents arms and then marches around the parade ground. There are sequences featuring dinner time, showing the soldiers collecting food in their mess plates, the camp kitten features and the quartermaster sergeant drinks beer. Sports sequences include an acted boxing scene, running races and the high jump. A caption asks for more recruits and the film finishes with the shot of the crossed colours and Lt. Col. Clayton.


Army recruitment; Territorial Army


Reveille.The joy of life.The battalion paraded for inspection under the Commanding Officer Lieut. Col. M.C. Clayton. D.S.O. D.L.Major General S.W. Hare K.C.M.G. C.B.Major Gen. S.W. Hare and Lieut. Col. M.C. Clayton.Dinnertime.The Camp Kitten.Sports.Time.Beertime.A future territorial.We want more men to fill the vacancies in this great regiment. Will you and your friends Join Up Now. Recruits can obtain full particulars from Headquarters, Drill Hall, Cambridge. God Save The King.

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