Village Outings

1951 - 60, Alpington (Norfolk)

A film touring Norfolk villages, focussing on a different aspect of life within each.

1) Royal Ascot. This film begins with shots of the villagers catching the coach and then records a stop for lunch at The Crooked Billet, a Benskins pub. The villagers mill around the car park before resuming their journey. At Royal Ascot there are good shots of the crowd and some close up shots of the villagers. The Royal Drive features, the front carriage carrying the King and Queen, along with the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. There are scenes from two races and good general shots of the course. (7 mins 15 secs.) 2) The Passing Of A Beloved King. George VI. This film records the funeral procession of HM King George VI at Sandringham in 1952. There are general shots of the crowd and of the villagers arriving at Sandringham. There are a significant number of black people in the crowd. The camera pans the crowd in line as they wait for the procession. This starts with the horse drawn coffin, covered by the Royal coat of arms and accompanied by police officers and bear skins. A motorcade carrying members of the Royal Family and other dignitaries follows the coffin. The parade of estate workers is led by the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, Edmund Bacon. The police procession follows this. The film finishes with shots of the news crews, who have been sitting on step ladders, packing away their equipment. (3 mins 53 secs.) 3) Norwich Photographic Society At Blakeney Point. This film shows shots of Blakeney Quay, with the creek and the Blakeney Hotel in the background. There are close up shots of some of the members of the photographic society, of the buses and the two bus drivers. It appears that they have been joined by the villagers from Alpington. There are many familiar faces here. The focus of the film is on a village outing. They are transported to the point by small outboard motor boats. At the Point they have a picnic tea outside the old lifeboat shed. A member of the party discovers a recently hatched chick. As the chick becomes more aware of its surroundings, it tries to peck at a finger. 4) Eggs For Breakfast. This film shows a visit to the Curtis and Aldrich egg packing plant at Loddon. It opens with exterior shots of the packing station and shots of the (mainly) female staff. There are some close up shots of faces. The staff enter the building. The next sequence shows the eggs tested by light. They move along a conveyor belt where they are sorted, graded and stamped. The eggs are packed in trays. Outside the building they are loaded into lorries. The film ends with further exterior shots of the packing plant. (2 mins 22 secs.) 5) Yelverton F.C. V Rockland. This shows scenes from a football match; Yelverton V. Rockland, played on Alpington playing fields. The referee is seen briefly. There are shots of the teams as they pose in formation for the camera. The camera pans the team. Having changed on the bus, they run out onto the field. There are shots of the game and of the supporters on the touchline, most of them wearing overcoats. There are a couple of breaks for injuries and close up shots of some of the spectators. During the match, three dogs appear to dig up the field. (4 mins 10 secs.) 6) Yelverton's Drawing Match. This film shows a ploughing match with other side stalls. It opens with shots of a man driving a tractor drawn plough and there is a close up shot of quite a young boy driving a Ferguson tractor. There is a man with a horse drawn plough and a close up shot of his face. The scenes of ploughing throughout the film are intercut with scenes of the bystanders around the field. One of them attempts to steer the horse drawn plough. She manages this for a few yards before falling down. Later she manages with the help of the ploughman. The spectators and other competitors stand and watch the competition, including the village policeman. A woman drives a Ferguson tractor and then a man drives a Fordson major. Throughout, the judges are assessing the quality of the ploughed furrow. There is a shot of the field with a marquee in the background. Competitors roll for the pig. The film ends with many people attempting to use the horse drawn plough, some with more success than others. (4 mins 24 secs.) 7)Wells on 'Cockles'. This film shows a village outing to Wells-next-the-Sea for cockling. The villagers assemble to catch the bus at Alpington. There are shots as they mingle, waiting for the coach. The first stop is Abraham's Bosom where there are shots of boating on the lake including close up shots of two girls. At Wells there are shots of the party on the beach. Some climb into a boat. Others paddle in the sea or relax on the beach. One woman has brought her knitting. The villagers have a picnic lunch. Later they search for cockles in the sea and show their catch.

Featured Buildings

1) The Crooked Billet public house. 3)The Blakeney Hotel; 4)Curtis and Aldrich Egg Packing Station;

Featured Events

Royal Ascot, 1951; Funeral of HM King George VI, 1952; Yelverton F.C. V Rockland, 19th March, 1960. Yelverton's Drawing Match


Coastal scenes; Horse racing; Royal processions; Rural scenes; Village life


Royal Ascot. (Film title.) Alpington At The Races. (Film subtitle.Buy a race card.Filling up.The Royal Drive.Had a good day, Albert? I will stick to filming.The End.The Passing Of A Beloved King. (Film title.) George VI. (Film subtitle.) Norwich Photographic Society At Blakeney Point. (Film title.) Leaving for the 'Point'.A halt for tea.Let's have ours where its quite.A few hours old.Finis.Eggs For Breakfast. (Film title.) TESTING (are they good?) They were then.Stamping and grading.The End.Yelverton F.C. V. Rockland. (Film title) 19.3.60.One, two, three, four, Five - nil.Yelverton's Drawing Match. (Film title.) Wells on 'Cockles'. (Film title.) Wells-on-Sea.Lost Something? Cockles.

Other Places

1) Alpington; Ascot; 2) Sandringham; 3) Blakeney; Blakeney Point; 4) Loddon; 5) Alpington 6) Yelverton 7) Alpington; Abraham's Bosom; Wells-next-the-Sea.

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