Dawn Raid

1939, Norwich (Norfolk)

The work of the Air Raid Precautions and the Auxiliary Fire Service in dealing with gas bomb attacks.

The exercise, and the film, attempts to show an air raid as realistically as possible. The raid begins with the air raid siren. There are good close-up shots of the siren and a brief shot of the A.R.P. post G4. A.R.P. members, male and female, leave their homes and respond to the air raid warning. On discovering a fire they send for the A.F.S. The 'fire' in this case was lit for the occasion in some disused houses requisitioned for the purpose. The A.F.S. rush to the scenes in a converted car, towing a pump. The firemen put out the fire and the casualties are taken away in a converted lorry. The second sequence shows the A.R.P. training to cope with a gas attack. Adults and children put on their gas masks. A team of A.R.P. wardens deals with a gas bomb by testing the crater for gas. The render the gas impotent by the use of chemical dust, and finally filing in the hole. The A.F.S. pack up and leave. A man rings a bell - a sign for 'All Clear'. Members relaxing playing billiards, darts and drinking beer.


Air raid precautions; Air raids; Civil defence; World War II


City's ARP Services In Action.A call for the AFS.'Raiders Passed' is not 'all clear.' Gas! All clear. A well earned rest at the club.

Background Information

The A.R.P men attending to the gas bomb in the second sequence were all members of the Electricity Board who had their own team of A.R.P. wardens. The final shots of the men socialising are shot in the Electricity Board Social Club.

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