Littleport War Weapons Week Opens

1941, Littleport (Cambridgeshire)

Littleport War Weapons Week Opens

War Weapons Week in Littleport.

Opening shots show civilians mingling with army personnel and members of the emergency services outside the Regal Cinema, Littleport. There are close up shots of some of the residents. The Home Guard marches through the town under the command of Captain Martin (using a lorry supplied by J.H. Adamson & Sons, Ironmongers) and stages a rescue attempt alongside fire crews, the APR (who raise their hats for the camera) and the St. John's Ambulance Brigade. The commentary explains that the aim of War Weapons Week is to raise £6 a head. Even in a place as small as Littleport, this would have raised £30,000. Along the Lynn Road, people pose for the camera. The army display their weapons. The street scene includes women pushing prams. Civilians are allowed to try the weapons for size. The film concludes with shots of the crowd outside the front entrance of the Regal Cinema

Featured Buildings

The Regal Cinema, Hempfield Road

Featured Events

War Weapon's Week, Littleport, 1941


Emergency services; Home Guard; Military; War effort; World War II

Background Information

Littleport's War Weapons Week ran from March 9th to 15th, 1941. This film was shot by British Movietone News to show the preparations for the event. It was presented to Alderman Thomas Peake, Esq. on the stage of Littleport's Regal Cinema on behalf of British Movietone News and the Directors of Kingsway Cinemas (Newmarket) Ltd by the resident manager Mr. John Lake on Friday 28th March, 1941.British Movietone News. British Movietone News was the first sound newsreel. It broadcast from June 1929

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