Some Highlights Of The Essex Show

1957 , Essex (County)

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Events at the Essex Show 1957.

The film opens with shots of stationary traction engines in steam. Most of the film records events in the grand ring. Most of these are shot from one camera position. The crowd continually pass beneath the camera giving a good record of dress at the time. Events filmed in the grand ring include show jumping parades of cattle and fox hounds. There is a military band playing and, sheep dog trials and coach and carriage turn-outs. There is a long sequence of the display by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The film concludes with shots of a sunset.

Featured Events

The Essex Show 1957


Crowd scenes; Military Bands; Sheepdog Trials

  • Maker : J.A and H.M Alcock

  • Camera : J.A. Alcock

  • Commentator : J.A. Alcock

  • Editor : H.M. Alcock

  • Sound : F. Samson

  • Sound : H.M. Alcock


Some Highlights Of The Essex Show

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