Youth Prepares

1940, Billericay (Essex)

The Air Training Corps

A still of the Air Training Corps insignia. The opening sequence shows young men, some in uniform, some wearing civilian dress, entering the gate on foot and by bicycle and walking up a drive. One of the youngsters undergoes a medical examination that includes an eye test by an Asian optometrist. This is followed by a P.T. session and drill. Classroom scenes show the boys engaged in navigational work, planing routes across the North Sea to the Ruhr. A civilian instructor explains point of navigation with the aid of a blackboard. In the workshop the boys are given an instructional session with an aero engine. Various workshop scenes follow during which the workshop is visited by some RAF officers. The boys practise signalling with an Aldis lamp. A, long sequence shows the boys flying model planes that are propelled by rubber bands and take off and land several times. They are shown constructing a glider and then taking lessons in how to fly a one man glider. The Corps also take rifle practice with the Home Guard. The final sequence shows an inspection of the Corps by senior RAF officers. The boys are shown preparing for the visit and then the inspection completes the film.


Air Training Corps


Over 200,000 youth of Great Britain are voluntarily training to take their part as future members of the Royal air Force and Fleet Air Arm. This movement known as the Air Training Corps has its technics directed by the R.A.F. The material comfort of the cadets is cared for by committees of keen citizens. Parade 10.30.Which category? Fitness wins. Now for mental fitness. The future target. The backroom boys. Official interest. The RAF looks in.Communications.The model section.Glider construction. Rifle practice with the co-operation of the Home Guard. We are honoured by: Group Captain T. Carthew, D.S.O., K.C., who inspected us, accompanied by Sqdn/Ldr C.W. Gadney. Cadets: Now hundreds of you are leaving weekly to take your place in the air forces. Only by recruitment are your numbers kept up. Tell your friends. Ask them to join us. By your keenness will the Corps go from strength to strength.

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