Sailing Scenes

1932 - 1935, Oulton Broad (Suffolk)

Sailing on the Broads in Suffolk.

The film opens with sailing scenes on Oulton Broad taken in 1932. Aboard a sailing boat, a woman takes a photograph of the cameraman. The next scene involves racing International Number 14s. K144 was owned by Sir John Beale and sailed by Mrs. R. Brooks. There are various shots of the boats in the race, rounding buoys. Followed by family scenes aboard a houseboat, Vernette. There are long shots of the boat as well as close up shots of the family aboard. Some 'Broads One' designs are seen at Oulton Lock.The following sequences were shot in 1935. These include an All Comers Race and Brown Boats on Oulton Broad. There are more shots of the houseboat and then a race of International 14s with shortened sails. There are shots of a boy paddling a dug out canoe and then ladies diving and swimming in the Broad. The final sequence is of out-board motor speed boats racing.


Diving; Leisure; Sailing boats

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