Pike Fishing

1962 , Hickling Broad (Norfolk)

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Pike fisher Denis Pye reveals the skills to pike fishing and why it is nothing like any other type of fishing.

The film shows pike fisher Denis Pye pike fishing on Hickling Broad and shows good views of the broad, including vegetation and bird life. The film shows Denis getting himself and his equipment into the boat. He rows to a suitable pike fishing area deep into the Broad. Denis voices the opinion that fishermen are very lucky in Norfolk and compares his fishing ground at Hickling Broad with the conditions of Northern fishermen. He describes a good piking day as calm, dull but not too cold. He dismisses the idea of fishing during a frost; he doesn't believe pike likes frost. He quotes some sizes of fish he has caught in Hickling Broad - including one over 30lbs. Denis weighs anchor and is filmed fixing his bait of 6 - 8oz. He explains that he doesn't like match fishing. He thinks it encourages people to catch a large number of small fish. That isn't to his taste. He also believes that angling could solve the problems of the cold war and would like to have a day's fishing with Frank Krushev (sic). Denis rows back recalling the myth of the pike the size of the rowing boat that is supposed to swim in Hickling Broad. This pike is called The Terror of the Sounds. Denis believes that there are fish in Hickling that could break the English record of 37 1/2lbs. The film ends with shots over the Broad from the moving boat that has now started the outboard motor.


Pike Fishing

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