Introducing Pick A Back Self Loading and Unloading Machinery Transporter (2)

1948 , Frinton (Essex)

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A demonstration of the Pick A Back trailer, made by the Ratcliffe Bros.

The film shows a trailer version of the Ratcliffe Bros. low loader. A wrecked car is loaded onto the trailer. It is towed by a land rover along the road, and apparently around a lawn. A heavy piece of machinery is loaded and unloaded in a demonstration of the one man operation


Equally adaptable to a lorry chassis. Dual purpose vehicle transporter or lorry. The pick a back can also be used for loading and unloading an ordinary lorry by backing them together and the load transferred from one to the other. This can be especially useful at agricultural shows, machinery exhibitions etc. One man can move the heaviest load with the utmost ease and confidence of being master of the job. Simple safe and sure. Reduced insurance costs. A jib for use in conjunction with the winch can be supplied. Easy to assemble and useful for say lifting a motor vehicle out of a ditch or a machine tool out of a basement. The hinged tubular side rails can be dropped leaving a platform when loading a badly damaged motor vehicle and agricultural machinery with overhanging parts etc. Telford Ratcliffe and Co., Economic Engineering Works, Frinton-On-Sea, Essex. Telephone Frinton 4.Founders of Ratcliffe Bros. Motors and General Engineers from 1898 - 1948.


Introducing Pick A Back Self Loading and Unloading Machinery Transporter (2)

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