R.A.F. Wings for Victory

1943, Aylsham (Norfolk)

The `Wings for Victory' parade, Aylsham, May 1943.

In Aylsham Town Square, various uniformed contingents march into place. The parade is inspected by a high ranking officer. The groups march past the camera. The parade includes nurses, members of the Women's Voluntary Services and Girl Guides; Aylsham town hall and the International Stores are in the background. A lorry laden with milk churns cuts through the groups as they disperse along the street. The film ends with shots of a fly past. These are taken from a distance and it is often not clear what is being filmed. There are some indications of the airfield below.

Featured Buildings

Aylsham Town Hall; The International Stores

Featured Events

The Wings for Victory Parade, Aylsham, May 1st - 8th, 1943


RAF; War effort; World War II

Background Information

Wings For Victory was the RAF equivalent of War Weapons Week. Wings For Victory aimed to raise £100,000; the amount raised was £179,000. Wings For Victory was prominent in Aylsham as successive RAF and USAAF Squadrons were stationed at Oulton and housed at Blickling Hall. Film-maker Richard Beard was a master mariner who served as a Squadron Leader, based at Coltishall, during World War II. He died in 1967.

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