Since Time Began

1952, Norwich (Norfolk)

Animated commercial for Colman's mustard.

An animated film showing puppet characters in various situations through time eating meals improved by Colman's mustard. In the background is the Soho Peddlers, a close harmony group, singing `Mustard Makes the Meal'. These characters and situations include a caveman, a medieval banquet, a Georgian diner and a contemporary diner who is waited on by his butler, footmen and chefs. The song moves into comparative mode, comparing the importance of Colman's mustard with other situations. This shows a smoker (as a smoker needs his 'fag'), a comic (... needs his gag), a doctor (...needs his little black bag), a policeman (... needs his beat), some lovers (... need a seat), an angler (... needs the bait) and a plumber (... needs a mate). At the end they are all shown together eating.


Dining; Food


Mustard made the meal.The End.

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