[Aldeburgh Compilation]

1975, Aldeburgh (Suffolk)

Scenes in Aldeburgh.

A compilation of films shot in the 1920s, 1930s and 1950s at Aldeburgh and Thorpeness Mere. There are some post-war scenes. Scenes concentrate on town pageantry, the Carnival and the Church Parade, a garden fete a Lancroft Gardens and events at the homes of local dignitaries. There are beach scenes. These show ladies bathing (the bathing machines are visible) and of the launch of the City Of Winchester, one of the first sailing lifeboats. These are scenes of fishing boats on the beach at Aldeburgh and of the weigh-in at a fishing competition. There are shots of sports day at Thorpeness Mere and of surfboarding on the River Alde in 1932. Post-war film dates from 1952 and shows the Renaissance Singers performing at the Aldeburgh Festival at Thorpeness Mere. There is also film of the first post-war Carnival.

Featured Buildings

Moot Hall, Aldeburgh

Featured Events

Aldeburgh Carnival, 1928; Aldeburgh Carnival 1934 and others; Garden fete At Lancroft Gardens; Aldeburgh Church parade; Practice launch of the lifeboat, City Of Winchester; Fishing Competition Weigh-in; Sports Day, Thorpeness Mere, 1952; Aldeburgh Festival


Bathing machines; Carnival queens; Carnivals; Fishing competitions; Garden fetes; Launches; Sports days

Other Places

Thorpeness Mere

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