Rhythm of Life

1932, Derby (East Midlands)

Experimental short film employing Soviet montage techniques.

Amateur filmmaker, cinema historian and railway engineer H.A.V. Bulleid pays tribute to his dual loves of cinema and rail in an experimental short film. Bulleid uses 'metric editing' - the first of Russian director Sergei Eisenstein's 'methods of montage' - in which cuts are dictated by the number and sequence of frames, not what occurs on screen. First, Bulleid pays tribute to cinema, featuring the facades of picturehouses around Derby in static shots, which build to a dazzling crescendo of short shots. The section on trains features longer views of the railyards in operation, with trains shunting and coming into the station, before a final section focuses on trams, following electric streetcars as they move down urban streets.

Featured Buildings

Alexandra Theatre, Derby; Alvaston Cinema, Derby; Cosmo Cinema, Derby; Cosy Picture House, Derby; Hippodrome Super-Cinema, Derby; Normanton Super Cinema, Derby; Popular Picture House, Derby; White Hall Super Cinema, Derby


Cinemas; Experimental film; Railways; Trains; Trams; Transport

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