Flicker School

1942, Didsbury (Greater Manchester)

A less than helpful instructional guide to hosting your own film show.

Amateur filmmaker, cinema historian and railway engineer H.A.V. Bulleid skips over the difficult bits in this less than helpful, tongue-in-cheek guide to hosting a film show. Ann McCann plays a 'magical' teacher, who begins her step-by-step guide by erecting a screen with a click of her fingers. After propping up the projector with a book entitled 'You Have Been Warned', a complex mess of cables leads to a light switch that she operates with a wave of her hand. Having selected a film from a large pile of cans, the tricky task of threading the projector is easily completed with another click of the teacher's fingers, and with the music also selected, the chairs magically arrange themselves to form an 'auditorium'. With the audience - Elmer Quane (H.A.V. Bulleid) in a variety of costumes - safely in their seats, the screening can commence, with Laurel and Hardy appearing as bumbling soldiers.


Film projection; Film shows; Parodies

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