1950, Abergavenny (Monmouthshire)

One man's drinking problem and a series of farcical events test his fiance to the limit.

Amateur filmmaker, cinema historian and railway engineer H.A.V. Bulleid uses slapstick humour and witty set-pieces in this comedy of manners (or lack thereof). A hard-drinking man polishes off his bottle before entering the Pantyrhiwgoch Inn, where his fiance is bathing. Entering the room unannounced, he sparks a comic farce that ranges from pre-wedding etiquette and major wardrobe malfunction, to more heavy drinking, the return of the ring and a hat-trick or two, before the film reaches its thrilling climax, a 'chase' scene with a difference.


Alcohol; Betrothal

Other Places

Bwlch, Powys

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