Colman's Mustard Revue


An animated cinema commercial for Colman’s Mustard, in the style of a motion picture trailer.

Flashing neon street signs read "Mustard Revue" and "Colman's." The narrator introduces the ‘star-studded’ cast of animated - and often non-human - characters, The Happy Herrings; Henrietta The Hen; Johnny Heartthrob and The Pinup; The Syncopated Sandwich; Brutal Basil the Bull; and finally, Luigi the Chef and his boys. Spoofing the conventions of Hollywood film genres, comic scenes featuring the animated characters follow, with the narrator providing dramatic introductions. ‘Unforgettable moments’, Johnny Heartthrob and The Pin-up enjoy a romantic meal together. ‘Tense drama’, Henrietta the Hen painstakingly sacrifices an egg, pouring its contents into a frying pan. ‘Stark realism’, a butcher follows Brutal Basil off-screen while sharpening a knife, unexpectedly reappearing with the roles reversed, that is, the bull now follows and wields the knife. ‘Tender romance’, the Happy Herrings stroll ‘fin-in-fin’ and then enjoy a romantic waltz in the moonlight before swimming away. ‘Vibrating rhythm’, two bread slices swing dance, are then joined on the dance floor by a mustard pot, who spreads its contents on both slices. The two slices add meat and lettuce to themselves, join together and continue to dance. The narrator then introduces the song “Mustard Makes the Meal”. Two waiters each bang a gong, and Luigi the Chef and his boys appear. Finally, a plate featuring a contented face, and the remnants of mustard. Accompanied by the caption "MUSTARD Made the Meal."

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