[Perkins of Peterborough] News Review

c. 1956, Wollaton (Nottinghamshire)

Newsreel for the staff of F. Perkins Limited.

Biggest Show in the World: Royal Agricultural Society's 107th annual show held at Wollaton Park Nottingham in high summer, the largest of its kind in the world. The Perkins stand displays a moving, sectioned engine exhibit, and Massey-Harris-Ferguson show combine harvesters fitted with Perkins tractor-type diesel engines. Also on display, the Bristol 25 tractor fitted, with a Perkins P3 engine. On the Rotary Hoe Ltd. stand, the Platypus L4 powered PD4 crawler tractor, and a smaller Platypus PD2. An Allis Chalmer's tractor incorporates a P-Series Perkins engine. The Road Haulage Association displays a Dodge P6 powered diesel vehicle, while the Automobile Association promotes a Perkins powered caravan. German manufacturers Lanz and Claas show combine harvesters powered by Perkins engines. Marshall's of Gainsborough introduce a new Perkins L4 powered track crawler. The Whitlock's of Essex tractor is P3 powered. Finally, a last look at the Perkins stand showing tractors and sectioned engines. Further Extensions to Eastfield: An aerial view of the new Eastfield factory in Peterborough, and general views of work on the building of further extensions, the latest begun in August 1954. The design emphasises a carefully chosen colour scheme, a high airy structure, and glass panels in the roof to admit plenty of natural light. Wood block floor is laid through the entire factory. Positions for machinery are carefully marked out by plant engineers, and machines are assembled in situ. Newly designed crankshaft grinding machinery is put through tool tests. A variety of craftsmen and technicians work on the eleven new bays. The item concludes with an aerial view of the Eastfield site. Holiday Speed Crowds of holiday makers on a landing stage at Yarmouth watch as a high-powered speedboat takes to the water with a group of trippers. Powered by twin Perkins S6 marine diesels, the boat affords passengers an exhilarating ride, despite the sea spray soaking their hair and clothes. Strawberries Galore: Strawberry pickers in the Fens around Wisbech fill their baskets and take them to be weighed. Each picker's collection is recorded for later payment. The strawberries are packed into wooden trays and stacked ready for transportation to canning factories around the country. A Smedley's lorry is loaded and makes for the main factory at Wisbech, where the fruit is put into cold storage. Fruit is redistributed should the yield surpass capacity to store locally, and Perkins powered vehicles transport the fruit as far as Dundee. At Dundee, hundreds of women factory workers sort the strawberries in the canning factory. The one-hour process is illustrated: sorting, canning, testing, labelling and packing. Back in the fields, the pickers continue their daily harvesting schedule. A Day in the Park: Wicksteed Park, Kettering, and a memorial to the designer and donor of the park, Charles Wicksteed. Children play on the extensive apparatus provided in the park; adults and children take a ride on the miniature lakeside railway. The two locomotives are powered by Perkins P3 diesel engines. Children drive vehicles around a miniature car track, while others enjoy paddle and rowing boats on the safe shallow pond. The water chute ride attracts many children and adults. The paddling pool provides fun for many others. At the end of the day, one of the two diesel engine trains makes its way through the crowded park. The Last House: A group of Perkins employees founded the Peterborough Self Help Housing Society in 1952. A sign for Eastern Avenue locates the houses built by members of the society. A view of the 28, semi-detached completed houses, all occupied except for the last one. The finishing touches are being made to the house. The presentation of the key is made in a marquee erected in the garden. Mr Wilfred Guthrie, a Perkins welder is the new owner. Mr. Luther Jones, Chairman of the Housing Society introduces Lady Benstead, Mayor of Peterborough. Mr. Guthrie opens the front door and invites Lady Benstead inside. Next door, inside the home of the Mawson family, scenes of daily life are played out in various parts of the house. The commentary announces the formation of a second housing association to build a further 28 houses.

Featured Buildings

Eastfield Factory; Smedley Factory, Dundee; Houses Built by the Members of Peterborough Self Help Housing Society

Featured Events

Presentation of the Key to the Owner of the Last House to be Built by the Peterborough Self Help Housing Society


Agricultural shows; Boats; Building works; Diesel engines; Fruit picking; Leisure activities; Miniature railways; Parks; Tractors; Women workers

Other Places

Peterborough; Great Yarmouth; Wisbech; Dundee; Kettering

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