The V-Ray Tube


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Comedy about a man's visit to his dentist and his fears that he has invented a potentially lethal x-ray.

Comedy. A man has toothache and after drinking whisky to ease the pain, drives to the dentist, Mr C.J. Bax. The dentist begins to give him anaesthetic; the telephone rings and the dentist goes out of the surgery to take the call. In his absence the man picks up a copy of 'The British Dental Journal' which has an article 'The V-Ray Tube' and reports on rumours that a dentist in the area has invented a tube with unknown x-rays and if the rays fall on a tooth, the tooth will immediately vanish. The dentist returns to the surgery and as he begins to apply the gas, the patient runs away taking with him a torch-like instrument which he sees on the table and assumes to be the V-tube. Back at home he discovers that pointing the tube at trophies on his mantelpiece makes them disappear. When he gets a demand from the Income Tax he goes to the tax office (Brownlow district) and makes the official disappear. A clerk at the tax office sees his car driving away and, finding the tax officer missing, she telephones the police. The police stop the car and he makes the policeman vanish. Returning home he interrupts a burglar and as they fight he points the tube at the intruder - he then wakes up in the dentist's chair. The dentist shows him the tooth he has extracted and the harmless torch. There is a copy of 'Punch' on the table.


Dentist; Dentistry; Inventions

  • Director : John Martin

  • Script : John Martin

  • Camera : John Martin

  • Production company : Stoke-on-Trent Amateur Cine Society

  • Distributor : Institute of Amateur Cinematographers

  • Award:
    • Group 1:
      • Note: Awards (data migration 25/06/2021): Awarded London Films Gold Trophy in the 1936 IAC Competition. [1975 listing]

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