Norwegian Fjords


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Cruising the fjords of Norway on the ocean cruise liner 'Atlantis'.

Travelogue. A cruise on the liner 'Atlantis' from Tilbury to the Norwegian fjords. Shots of the pilot ship (Pilot of London), the Brixdal Glacier, Gudvangen, Merok and Bergen. Life on board ship includes dining, sunbathing, deck games and dancing.

Featured Buildings

Tilbury Station, Essex


Cruising; Holidays; Fjords; Liners; S.S. Atlantis

Other Places

Gudvangen; Merok; Bergen, Norway

Background Information

Wenham Joseph Bassett-Lowke was the founder of the toy company Bassett-Lowke in Northampton specialising in model railways, boats and ships and constuction sets. In 1916 he commissioned the renowned architect and designer, Charles Rennie Macintosh, to build a house for him in Northampton, 78 Derngate. It is uncertain whether the couple at the beginning of the film leaving the house is Bassett-Lowke and his wife.

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