1949, Abergavenny (Monmouthshire)

A young man knocks down his fiancee whilst drunk. He takes another car to seek help but the driver reveals himself as Death.

At the Horse and Jockey Pub, a gentleman enjoys one too many afternoon whiskies before attempting the drive home. Meanwhile, high in the Welsh hills his fiancée awaits him. He arrives in one piece and presents a gift to his beloved, an old book, which he has kept in his jacket's breast pocket. The couple share a gin and tonic, but as the lady imagines a scene of marital bliss, the gent finds it difficult not to start another drink binge. They have a fantastical and stern stand off but the man knocks back another glass resulting in his fiancée’s ring ending up off her finger and placed into his empty glass. Her rejection of him leads the alcoholic to speed off in his car, back home, and back to the drink. Alcohol addled dreams take him into a stupor of bottles and dreams. Still very drunk he wakes and starts to drive maniacally back to his former lover. Meanwhile, the contemplative girl stands on the very same bridge that she saw in her daydream. The crazed man drives like a lunatic down the country roads, and before he can stop, crashes into his former fiancée onto the bridge, knocking her down. He takes another car to go and get help and the driver reveals himself as Death.

Featured Buildings

Horse and Jockey, Abergavenny (Public House)


Alcoholism; Betrothal; Dangerous driving; Death


No artist desires to prove anything. Even things that are true can be proved.

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