1988, Leeds (West Yorkshire)

Teenage girl day dreams about transforming her appearance from schoolgirl to punk rocker.

Set to a soundtrack by GBH, a teenage schoolgirl transforms her appearance. The film begins with shots of photographs of punk rockers. It is followed by a stop motion animation and a sequence of shots of the girl on the school premises in uniform. The girl sits at a desk with textbooks open in front of her and she flicks through them. She looks at the photographs that have been used in the opening sequences. In a daydream sequence using time lapse photography, the girl transforms her appearance. She applies make-up and alters her hairstyle, before posing for the camera. The daydream over, the film concludes with the girl back at her desk in school uniform. She starts to work.

Featured Buildings

Benton Park School


Subcultures; Fashions; Punk rock: Mohican hairstyles; Daydreams; Children’s film-making; Benton Park School; Mollie Butler

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