1964, London (County)

Documentary about 'The Happy Wanderers', a band of buskers who performed in London's West End.

The film begins with shots of a tower block and housing estate. One of the buskers gives his views on life - the importance of thinking, the need to be intellectually honest with children, the neglect of family members in old age. He speaks of his love of classical music (Stravinsky, Beethoven) and art (Picasso) and reads Homer. There is a scene of him eating breakfast with his wife and young son. A performance to audiences in Leicester Square follows. The band go into a pub where they play darts and dominoes. A band member gives her views on the role of women and her ambitions - "I would have liked to have been a mortician, prettying the bodies up". They play while people in the pub dance.


Buskers; Dancing; 'The Happy Wanderers'; Housing estates; Pub games; Public houses; Tower blocks

Other Places

Leicester Square, London

Background Information

The BFI Film & Television online database gives the release date as 1966.

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