All On A Summer’s Day


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Activities enjoyed by a young couple on a summer's day.

Drama. On 7 August 1933 a young woman gets up and dresses. She gets into the young man's car and they drive to the Meteor Golf Club - shots of her teeing off and playing. They drive to the Popinjay Inn for a meal. The woman goes to the swimming baths. The couple have a picnic in the country and then go to a dinner dance in the evening. She returns home and the calendar turns to 8 August.

Featured Buildings

Popinjay Inn, Glasgow; Prestwick Swimming Pool, South Ayrshire


Dancing; Golf; Leisure

Other Places

Prestwick, South Ayrshire

Background Information

Swimming pool scenes shot at Prestwick. The five-piece band playing at the dance may be 'Pat and the Ambassadors' (the bandbox name is difficult to read).

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  • Distributor : Institute of Amateur Cinematographers

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