Three Rovers

1955, Vaduz, Liechtenstein (Other)

A holiday in Vaduz in Liechtenstein, with a trip to the Stoss Pass in Switzerland.

Film recording details of a trip made by Laurie and Stuart Day to Vaduz in Liechtenstein by car in 1955, comprising shots of local beauty spots, visitor attractions and encounters with the local population. Sequences include actuality shots of the car journey in England, northern France and Switzerland; footage of the arrival of the Days in Vaduz and their hotel accommodation; an encounter with a Swiss band playing outside their hotel and a performance by the band in Vaduz castle for the ruling family; a trip to Triesenberg and a visit to a commemorative event to mark the Battle of Stoss (1405); Corpus Christi Day celebrations in Vaduz; and shots of Buchs on their return journey. The commentary is provided by Laurie Day and is interspersed with music. Laurie Day begins by describing the journey in June, comparing roads in England and northern France and the change of scenery in Switzerland. She notes this one of the few principalities in Europe, the others being Andorra (Spain), Monaco, the Duchy of Luxembourg and [San] Marino (Italy); provides details about the principality and its rulers, noting in particular in deferential tones the efforts made by the current prince to encourage industry. On the visit to the Stoss Pass, Laurie Day provides a brief summary of the background behind the 15th Century Appenzell Wars. Returning to Liechtenstein, she makes observations about the preparations, decorations and altars on streets for Corpus Christi procession, blessings performed by the bishop at the street altars, the involvement of the local population in the procession and recalls a story about St Anthony at Corpus Christi Day celebrations in Padua. Beginning the homeward journey, Laurie Day makes observations about the beauty of Buchs, which cannot be appreciated by rail passengers crossing the frontier. Narrated on the whole in reverent tones, Laurie Day introduces on a few occasions wry and disparaging opinions, respectively about the welcome provided to her husband at the hotel in Liechtenstein in contrast to that extended to herself, as well as the lack of attraction of northern France compared to its other regions.

Featured Buildings

Open Gates, Parkway, Dairyfields, Ttrentham, Stoke on Trent Gasthof Lőwen Schloss Vaduz [Vaduz Castle] Chapel Stoss Pass Inn Stoss Pass St. Florinskirche [Kathedrale St. Florin, Vaduz Cathedral, Cathedral of St. Florin], Vaduz Werdenberg Castle, Buchs

Featured Events

Commemoration of the Battle of Stoss, 1405 Corpus Christi celebrations, Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Continental tourism; Liechtenstein; European micro states; Principalities; European royalty; Hapsburg dynasty; Corpus Christi celebrations; Vaduz; commemorations of military battles

Other Places

Trentham, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire; northern France; Vaduz; Triesenberg; Stoss Pass; Schwyz; Buchs, Switzerland

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