Out of the Blue

1967, Hamilton, Bermuda (Other)

A holiday in Bermuda.

Film record of a trip, lasting three weeks, made by Laurie and Stuart Day to visit friends in Bermuda. The film begins with a shot of a letter received by Laurie and Stuart Day from an American couple, who have retired to live in Bermuda, inviting them over for a visit. The remainder of the film consists of footage shot during their visit. Sequences include: the hosts welcoming Laurie and Stuart Day to their bungalow; views from the bungalow and more generally the island’s topography; street scenes in the island’s capital, Hamilton; potato harvesting on the island; coral being cut and its use in construction; features of bungalows and houses on the island, notably the terraces on roofs to capture rain water; flowers and bird life in their hosts’ garden and around the island; a visit to the Coral Beach and Tennis Club, including scenes on the beach; Sunday morning on the island, a church service in Hamilton with shots of members of the congregation entering and leaving the church; visits to Cambridge beach and Devil’s Hole Aquarium; a deep sea fishing trip off the coast; a visit to historic sites in St George including the museum and Somers Garden; Laurie and Stuart Day and their hosts waving goodbye at the airport. The commentary is most probably provided by Laurie Day. It begins by introducing the letter, which invited them to Bermuda. Imperial in tone, the commentary provides brief information and observations about: the history of the island and its connection to Britain from the 17th Century; the connection between wrecks and salvage in the island’s history as well as an anecdote about the conviction of one salvager in 1936; the topography of Bermuda; the interest in boats, boating and the restrictions placed on car ownership on the island; the movement of the capital from St George to Hamilton; agriculture on the island, the use of coral in the construction industry as well as features found on dwellings and regulations regarding water capture; the varieties of shrubs; the congregation attending a Sunday morning church service in Hamilton; the island’s population; sights encountered on the island and on visits to local attractions and historic sites The commentary is accompanied by music and is punctuated by musical interludes. Notably for the sequence of film recording details of the deep sea fishing trip, the music is replaced by sound effects of water lapping against the boat and the anchor being dropped and lines cast.

Featured Buildings

Coral Bluffs, Warwick, Bermuda [home of Harold and Frances Kennard] Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Hamilton, Bermuda City Hall and Arts Centre, Hamilton, Bermuda St Mary’s Church, Warwick, Bermuda Cambridge Beach, Bermuda Devil’s Hole Aquarium, Bermuda Cruise ship identified on the commentary as the Queen of Bermuda [possibly not as identified] St George Historical Society’s Museum St George Somers Sarcophagus, Somers Gardens, St George, Bermuda St Peter’s Church, St George, Bermuda Bermuda Air Terminal


Boats; Boating; Coral; Coral islands; Construction with coral; Rain water capture; Beaches; Long haul travel in the 1960s; Air travel; Anglican church service; Deep sea fishing

Other Places

Warwick, Bermuda; St George, Bermuda

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