1934, Harlech (Gwynedd)

A farmhand gets between a girl and her dog in this rural tragedy.

Amateur filmmaker and cinema historian H.A.V. Bulleid employs rapid montage and a sense of foreboding in this rural tragedy set in the Welsh countryside. On farmland in rural Wales, where crumbling farm buildings reflect the rural desolation, a young lady spends her holidays wandering the fells with her ever reliable dog. When she meets a young farmhand, a romance develops. But as the girl grows closer to the young man, she pays less attention to her dog. And when the dog is left at the farmhouse as the pair goes rock-climbing, tragedy ensues. Sensing a problem, the dog searches the fells as day turns to night. But will he find his master? And will the young lovers survive?


Dogs; Romance

Other Places

Snowdonia, Wales

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