Jacob's Ladder

1944, Didsbury (Greater Manchester)

A dramatic story of dreams, desire and unrequited love.

Amateur filmmaker, cinema historian and railway engineer H.A.V. Bulleid experiments with the dramatic form in a mysterious tale of dreams, desire and unrequited love. In the middle of the night Valerie wakes up screaming 'Edward'. Rushing out of the room, she discovers a man who has fallen down the stairs, the body disappearing before her eyes. A bleary-eyed man - seemingly Edward - walks from his bedroom, whilst a dark figure watches ominously from the front gate. At another time and in another place, Valerie rambles through rugged hills with her friend Lawrence. As Valerie stops to fix her shoe, Lawrence notices a falling boulder, bravely protecting her but bring knocked unconscious. Dazed, Valerie discovers a small box containing an engagement ring, and after scanning the horizon, she leaves a note and begins to search for help. The foreboding landscape threatens to engulf Valerie until she stumbles to a small cabin. When Edward opens the door, she collapses with exhaustion. Once recovered, the pair introduce themselves, appearing not to known each other. But who is this mysterious man? Have they met before? And when they fall in love, how will Lawrence react?


Love triangle; Murder; Mystery

Other Places

Romiley, Stockport; Peak District

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