"Dinks" Cooper

1962, Walberswick (Suffolk)

Anglia TV's Dick Joice chats to “Dinks” Cooper, the last fisherman in Walberswick, Suffolk.

Dick Joice, presenter of Anglia TV’s chat show ‘Now You’re Talking’ describes the small village of Walberswick in Suffolk. One of the inhabitants of Walberswick is his guest for tonight, the local personality and fisherman Dinks Cooper. He has lived in Walberswick all of his life and his family before him have always lived there too. He comes from a long line of fisherman, going back hundreds of years. He explains how he wasn’t christened as “Dinks” but is always called by that name. His nickname was given to him while his father was on a fishing trip just before he was born. He talks about his fishing work and how in the different seasons he fishes for different types of fish due to the varying tides. He is the last fisherman in Walberswick. He feels fishing has died out as a trade as young people don’t want to take it up. Joice asks him about sport. Dinks says that sport has suffered as it has become more of a business. He used to play football but in those days it was a proper sport, not a business. Joice gives him a cigarette which Dinks lights up and smokes. Joice asks him what his thoughts are on religion, to which Dinks replies that he doesn’t know anything about it but he is a superstitious person. His superstitions are that Friday is an unlucky day to start fishing and that you must never talk about rabbits or pigs on a fishing boat. Joice makes coffee and asks Dinks about his experience at Dunkirk during the war. Dinks's most frightening experience while fishing was when his boat sank whilst going out to the harbour with his father. Joice then pours them each a cup of coffee from the pot in between them.


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