Convention of Amateur Television

1970 , Cambridge (Cambridgeshire)

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A recording of live transmissions made at the Convention of Amateur Television 1970. They are introduced by Ian Waters in the studio at Wolfson College

A recording of live transmissions made at the Convention of Amateur Television 1970. They are introduced by Ian Waters in the studio at Wolfson College. He introduces the programme and illustrates the area with the aid of the map. Waters and the contributors use jargon throughout, including their references to themselves and to their stations. The first contribution is from G6ADM/T, Roger Taylor in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire. He suffers several power failures during his transmission that shows stills of Haddenham and scenes from his studio. The second contribution is from G6NOX/T, Jeremy Royal in Saffron Walden. He talks about his history in amateur television going back to 1949. He explains some of the differences in equipment. He also introduces other members of the station, introduced only by their Christian names, to explain their particular interests in the pastime. The contribution includes music. The third contribution is from G6REH/T, Henry of Sutton St. James. This is at the limit of the broadcast area and pictures are very poor. They show Henry at the top of a 120 foot tower. He shows views of the fields and village from the tower. The fourth contribution is from the OB unit at Banham's Boatyard in Cambridge. This is introduced by Graham. He shows views of the boatyard and introduces Alex who speaks of his memories of involvement in amateur television. The fifth contribution is from Ian White's own station, G6KKD Ely Cambs. This is recorded on video. It shows the studio. The unnamed presenter shows shots of the studio and talks of his interest in amateur television. His demonstration of the equipment and how it works includes scientific charts. Ralph Royal shows pictures from the far south of the area. They are beamed through Saffron Walden and Jeremy Royal gives an off air commentary. The final pictures, although usually only the sound is present, come from near Rugby.

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Convention Of Amateur Television, 1970


Broadcasting; Convention of Amateur Television; Television

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Cambridge; Ely, Cambridgeshire; Haddenham, Cambridgeshire; Saffron Walden, Essex; Sutton St. James, Norfolk

Background Information

CAT was the first organisation of this type regarding amateur television.


Convention of Amateur Television

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